Residential & Commercial EV Charger Installation

Choose Master Electric to help you make the switch to EVs!

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with all aspects of EV charger installation, from:

  • Quality installations done by factory certified technicians
  • Installation customization to meet your specific needs
  • Obtaining any necessary permits needed for installation
  • Ongoing Support to ensure your system continues to function properly and efficiently.

Keep your EV charged, even during outages!

L2 & L3 chargers installed for your business and home

Level 2 Charging

  • Voltage: 208-Volt to 240-Volt
  • Connectors Used: J1772, Tesla
  • Charging Speed: 12 to 80 Miles Per Hour
  • Locations: Home, Business, & Public

Level 3 Charging

  • Voltage: 400-Volt to 900-Volt (DC Fast Charge & Supercharging)
  • Connectors Used: Combined Charging System (Combo), CHAdeMO & Tesla
  • Charging Speed: 3 to 20 Miles Per Minute
  • Locations: Public

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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Make sure to schedule regular maintenance for your electric vehicle charger to ensure it stays in top condition. Maintain your chargers to avoid:

  • Reduced charger efficiency
  • Short charger lifespan
  • Costly repairs

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