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Help kep carbon footprints low while maintaining the convenience and freedom of traditional vehicles with a commercial EV Charging station. Master Electrical Services is the number one EV & Level-2 installing in Richmond VA with over 1,000 installations and counting.

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We believe in delivering outstanding value from the first interaction. That's why we offer a FREE, no-obligation site survey. Our certified and trained EV technicians will gather the proper installation details to provide you with an accurate quote for your EV charging station.

Installing EV Chargers for Commercial Business & Government

Master Electrical Services is the ideal choice for municipalities, government, businesses, and large EV fleets that need to install public charges for the growing demand of electric vehicles. We are dedicated to ensuring that Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding areas have the power to charge electric vehicles.

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When you choose Master Electrical Services, you work with the experts who have your back.

Free Site Survey & Quote: Get the right numbers. Our comprehensive site survey ensures you get an accurate estimate with no strings attached.

Affordable Payment Options: Find a number that works for you. We offer financing through Synchrony Bank, making your charging station dreams a reality.

Affordable Rates: Quality shouldn't break the bank. Our services are designed to be accessible without compromising on excellence.

1-Year Warranty on Services: We do great work guaranteed. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're covered.

Unmatched Customer Support: Customers are our top priority. We meet your needs with understanding and urgency.

No Subcontractors: Master Electrical doesn't use subcontractors. We stand by all of our charging stations and installations.

It Pays to Go Electric.

EV Charging Rewards: Get $40 annually from Dominion Energy

When You Install a Level II EV Charger and Enroll in EV Charger Rewards.

Level II and Level III Electric Vehicle Charges Installed for Your Business

Our experienced Master Electrical professionals are certified in Tesla, Flo, Chargepoint, and EnelXway products.

Level II Charging

  • • Voltage: 208-Volt to 240-Volt
  • • Connectors Used: J1772, Tesla
  • • Charging Speed: 12 to 80 Miles Per Hour
  • • Locations: Home, Business, Public

Leveling III Charging

  • • Voltage: 400-Volt to 900-Volt (DC Fast Charge & Supercharging)
  • • Connectors Used: Combined Charging System (Combo), CHAdeMO & Tesla
  • • Charging Speed: 3 to Miles Per Minute
  • • Locations: Public, Business, Large Fleets


Unlock your battery's ability to provide power whenever you need it, wherever you are. Fueled by Level II charging, Tesla's new PowerShare technology enables you to share power in three key ways:

  • 1. Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) - power your devices or energize a construction site
  • 2. Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) - share power to charge another EV
  • 3. Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) - power your engire home during an outage

Master Electrical is the only trained and certified PowerShare installer in the region. Equip your EV to do more with Tesla PowerShare.

Don't Plan Your Life Around EV Charging

Stay ready to go where life takes you with an EV charging at home. In addition to business and governmental EV charges, the certified experts at Master Electrical Services install and maintain Level I and Level II EV charges for your home.

About Master Electrical Services

Master Electrical Services began over 35 years ago as a technically based, heavy commercial electrical company. While we still do heavy commercial work, we now specialize in the sales, maintenance, and installation of EV chargers throughout the Richmond metro area for both residents and business owners.

Our number one goal is to stay customer and employee-focused, making sure we do right by the people we work with every day. Whether it's by doing our best work with Tesla, Flo, Chargepoint, EnelXway charging station installation or by stopping in to make sure your EV charging station is operating in top condition.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late! Make sure to schedule regular maintenance for your electric vehicle charger to avoid:

  • • Reduced charger efficiency
  • • Short charger lifespan
  • • Costly repairs

We want to be there to make sure you ever have to be without power when you employ our services. If have any additional quetsions about our products, maintenance plans, or service areas, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We take care of any EV charging station need as well as electrical-related commericial or industrials services.

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